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EZ ON Motorized

(Scroll down for video review and instructions)

This is the only motorized device I know of for putting on compression garments. It uses a chargeable powerful battery with a powerful motor to open the tight compression stocking. Its a simple concept and it works well. We have tested it with the highest compression and the toughest fabrics and it works.


  • It will open the tightest of stockings.
  • Works if the skin is tender and you want to avoid the pressure and friction when using other devices.
  • Can be customized to your size and needs.


  • With this version you still need to reach your feet. If reaching is a problem, try the EZ ON+
  • You need to use both hands. For one handed donning of compression socks try the EZ ON+
  • Understandably higher price than other devices.


  • When one does not have enough strength to use the manual devices.
  • Tenderness or painful skin.
  • Joint pain in fingers.
  • Shoulder problems. Allows you to use minimal effort.

Combine with

  • Donning Gloves for final adjustments.
  • Juzo Easy Pad for final adjustments.

This is how it works

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